This Grass is an Unrecognized Health-Booster.

Sometimes we don't notice that the plants which grow in our back yard are the ones that we need to ease our pain and even cure them with the aid of those living plants.

Another unrecognised plant which most of the people believe that could cure illnesses is a weed called  "purslane" . Purslane has a scientific name "portulaca oleracea" which is considered a weed in the U. S.  Most of the American people treat this plan as a leaf vegetable which is very good viand for them.

Purslane is a plant that could easily grows vigorously in soil so it also grows in Philippines. This plan has a taste like lemon and crunchy texture. This can be used to substitute spinach on your recipe. Mostly, purslane can be cooked as salad,  soup and stew.  It is an antibacterial, antiscorbutic and also contains different kind of vitamins that could give strength.

Purslane is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that could protect us from heart failures and stroke.  Furthermore, it also lessen the chance of having attention deficity/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)  in children and other  developmental disorders. Purslane has the most vitamin A among the green leafy vegetables which is helpful to fight against cancer.  It also contains calcium and iron which is good for our bones.  Purslane is better than spinach and carrots because it has 6x more Vitamin E and 7x more beta carotene which is also convertible to Vitamin A.

Purslane is good as healthy diet vegetable because it is low in calories.  Moreover, it also contains Vitamin C, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium and phosphorus so it doesn't need for us to buy expensive medicines that contains the following.

Purslane can live until 25 years so if your plan is to control them, don't  let this plan produce the seeds because they can easily grow. Purslane is not advisable to consume by those who have kidney failures and UTI because it has oxalic acid that may crystallise as escalate stones in the urinary tract in some people.

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