Side Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar If You Use Too Much

Apple Cider Vinegar is well-known to everybody because it’s very beneficial to our health. We used it in many ways, we drink it, use to cleanse our external body and many others. But are we really aware of what could be its side effects to our body whenever we use it regularly?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) which comes from fermented apple juice, has been used as home health remedy to treat or prevent different kinds of illness before and until today but according to some experts, the potential benefits of ACV are still preliminary and conflicting because of its side effects in the body.

Drinking ACV is not beneficial for those who have low blood sugar because it will bring down more the level of the blood sugar from its normal condition and could lead to hypoglycemia. Drinking ACV with too much amount may also possibly delay the digestion in some diabetic patients. On the first side effect, we discussed that ACV can help to lower the blood sugar level which is helpful for diabetic people but in the case where diabetic patients has gastro paresis, a condition where the stomach does not empty itself normally, it is not advisable for them to intake ACV because it can delay the gastric to empty and lead to nausea and uncomfortable feeling of fullness that may really worsen the blood sugar control.

Another side effect of apple cider vinegar when consuming too much can disturb our bone health. There are rare issues about drinking ACV which could affect the bones but there was been a report where an Austrian woman who had osteoporosis and mild potassium deficiency and drinks 8 oz. of ACV daily with the duration of 6 years has loss too much bicarbonate through urine. Her doctor found out that the acid load from vinegar affected her bone mineral density and it was because a high acid load hinders bone formation that helps the bone loss.  The bottom line here is do not consider ACV as a beverage, 8 oz. would not be too much but you must always stick to the recommended dosage of ACV.

Drinking ACV in large quantities may also cause to corrode your tooth enamel. Imagine how citrus fruits or acidic drinks make our teeth sensitive because of the acid content that affects our enamel. This is the same when we drink ACV in large amount. The acetic acid in ACV is weak but it could produce tooth decay. Another bad effect can also lead a person to dehydration. Drinking ACV removes the toxins in the body and will make a person to urinate repeatedly so if we lose water in our body this may cause dehydration.

For those who are eager to remove any mole, pimple, and acne in their body especially in the face, limit using ACV as a remedy. There were been reports of chemical burns and skin irritation caused by the unsupervised used of apple cider vinegar which is alarming to all users. According to eMedTV, a website on the internet that provides up-to-date health information, there is no correct level or quantity set on how much we consume the ACV but always remember that before consuming the medicinal vinegar to higher level than its correct amount from its label, consult first the physician to avoid any possible bad effects and complications to the body.

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