Top Health Benefits of GUAVA Leaves

Many of us are fun of eating guava because it really gives a watering sensation to the mouth. Besides  of it,  guava is use to improve our health lifestyle especially the leaves. Nowadays, guava leaves is used as natural remedies because of its healing effect as well as it is inexpensive.

Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

The beneficial effects of guava leaves is a big help to everybody. The guava leaf is a medicinal plant that could be used to prevent hair fall or hair loss.  Boil at least 30 pieces of guava leaves in one liter of water for around 20 minutes. Make it cool and apply it thoroughly on your scalp and massage it with your hands.

Blackheads Removal

It is also for blackheads removal.  We all know that blackheads are so irritating in the face so to eliminate them blend the guava leaves with little amount of water and after it,  you can use it as scrub on nose for blackheads treatment.

Treatment of Wounds

Whether external or internal,  guava leaves are used to cure different kind of sickness. We can utilise the guava leaves to heal wound.  This kind of leaves can create great healing to any wounds such as cuts,  bruises, abrasion, etc.  It has an antibacterial part that prevent to infect wounds and reduce inflammation of the uterus to expedite the healing of wounds. Guava leaf tea is also helpful in curing ear infection.

Treatment of Sore Throats, Toothaches and Gum Disease

Children who are commonly target of sore throats, toothache and gum diseases may let by their caregiver to gargle the leaves of guava to relieve from these kind of problems. As stated on the previous paragraph, guava leaves has an antibacterial agent that may protect the gums and teeth so it merely concludes that the leaves of guava could be used as main ingredient in making natural tooth paste at home.

Dengue Fever Treatment

Another useful benefit of guava leaves is its feature to fight against dengue fever.  As we all know,  "dengue" is a major illness that could lead to complications and even death if neglected. The patient can consume the juice made out from the boiled leaves of guava thrice a day in order that the number of platelets in the blood will increase and also to lower the temperature of the body.

Weight Loss

To all obese and overweight who wants to lose weight, you may also try using guava leaves to reach your dream figure. The guava leaves help to weight loss by preventing the complex starches from being converted into sugar. On this,  the foods we eat will digest and turn into carbs that must be broken down into the liver to use by the body but the guava leaves may prevent the transition of carbohydrates to usable compounds.

One thing more,  guava leaves could be also use in fighting diabetes as well in cases of food poisoning, soothing, vomiting and nausea.

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