WARNING! A Flesh Eating Bacteria carried by Mosquitoes.

An infectious disease called Buruli Ulcer, also known as the Bairns dale ulcer, Searls Ulcer, or Daintree is cause by Mycobacterium ulcerans classicaly infects the skin and internal tissues. This is a lethal issue that everyone must be aware of, especially now that it is rainy season.

This disease releases a toxin known as mycolactone that decreases the immune system’s function and results in tissues’ death.

There are numerous victims of this case. Humans and even animals are likely to be victims of this for it is being transmitted by these tiny mosquitoes. About 5 to 6 thousand cases occur and it happens in more than 32 countries!

As these mosquitoes stung into the flesh, the infection can mostly start in the limbs, especially the exposed areas. Children’s entire body may be involved, including the face or the abdomen.
The Courier Mail stated that the presence of Daintree Ulcer in Queenslands has been established by The Cairns together with Hinterland Hospital and Health Service.

It is advisable to caution ourselves and be sensitive about this flesh-eating disease especially to the residents who are prone to mosquitoes’ lair. This is according to Dr. Christina Steffen, Cairns vascular surgeon.

There are also remedies comprising a minor operation on cutting out the ulcer and taking antibiotics for eight weeks.

source: Dailymail

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