Checking Your Poop Can Tell You If You're Healthy

Defication, or more commonly known as pooping, is our body's way of getting rid of waste and cleansing different organs. However, your waste can also give you signs of potential health risks. As strange as it may sound, looking at the texture and color of your waste can tell you if you have health problems or so.

Separated hard chunks indicate that you aren't really hydrated. This isn't so serious as it can be solved by drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

If it's shaped as a sausage, soft, and smooth, it indicates that you have a healthy digestion and that so far, your health is fine.

If your waste is watery, this may be a vase of diarrhea and the first action would be to ask for a doctor's advice on this. If you are experiencing this, drinking more liquids is advice to avoid dehydration.

If it is sausage-shaped but lumpy, it's nothing quite serious. This just means your body needs more fluids with fiber.

The color of your waste can also determine what your health condition. If it is brown, then you don't have any serious health problems. The natural color is brown because of the production of bile within the liver. If it is green, this is commonly due to eating lots of green leafy vegetables or food with green coloring. This could also mean that food is going through your intestines faster than usual. If it is yellow, this means that you've received excess fats. It is due to malabsorption disorder like celiac disease. If it is black, this could mean that you've skipped deficating for days of more and could be a sign of internal bleeding. Knowing all this is better so you avoid certain health issues by giving your body what it lacks and needs.

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