Migraine headaches are intense headaches that are accompanied by  feeling of sickness, light sensitivity, pain, tension in the neck and back. It is commonly treated with certain types of over-the-counter treatments but still fail to provide relief or may even cause other side effects.

With this, it is always better to use other healthier substitute to heal this pain. These are some of the most effective ones:


It alternates the inflammation that causes a migraine. But still, be careful not to become addicted to  it, as its lack might also trigger headaches.


It has a comparable benefits with other prescription migraine drugs and causes no side effects.

Banana & Ice Compress

Applying cold compress to the head and neck relieves migraine. And also, putting banana peel on your forehead soothes the pain. In this process, the skin absorbs potassium.


It is either as supplement, tea, or an extract can heal migraines.


Flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which helps relieves migraine headaches.

Lavender oil

Adding drops of lavender oil into a boiling water realeases a soothing vapor which soothes tension headaches as you inhale.


The extract of these flower helps relieves migraine as it stimulates the bloodflow to the brain.

Basil oil

A muscle relaxant that is natural. It helps relieve the tension headaches.


This is rutin-rich substances, which is called as flavonoid helps heal the inflammation.

With these solutions, we must accompany with a healthy lifestyle. We must be cautious of what we eat. Always eat fruits and vegetables and take regular exercise for you to be healthy, fit and strong.

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