WARNNG: Never Leave Your Phone Beside you while you're Sleeping!

As the technology develops to a higher state, people now-a-days got so addicted to gadgets especially to cell phones which have higher specifications that can store a lot of objects a person desires. Cell phones have become a must have item that it is not put aside even for a short moment. We even put them beside our pillow or somewhere near us when we sleep.

Be mindful of this as we're telling you that it is not a good practice to let our phones be near us when we sleep because it emits radiation which causes Health Problems.

Tell me if this is a little off but one of the main reason why we bring our phones in our beside is because we are expectant of what may happen to our phones. Someone could be texting us or commented on our posts or maybe someone would call us and we're expecting their calls any time etc. If You experience this everyday, then we suggest you limit the use of your phone during night time as it increases our anxiety level without being aware that it is already happening. Having a habit of waking up late for the reason that you'd like to check your phone may cause you the following problems:

  • -Stress
  • -Concentration Problems
  • -Insomnia
  • -Lack of Productivity
  • -Cognitive Problems
  • -Nightmares
  • -Headache
  • -Irritability

These are but a few examples of Health Problems you may encounter once you continue doing the bad habit of keeping your phones so close to you. Now to avoid or lessen the intensity of its effects, we must:
  1. Lessen the duration of phone calls
  2. When in idle, put your phones on Airplane mode
  3. Don't sleep near a turned on phone
  4. Use headset or speaker phone when on calls
  5. Look for a good reception so your phone uses less power

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