Food is one of man’s essential needs. Just like air, you can’t live without it. In our surroundings there are many things that can be considered as foods. For example, animals. A concrete example are chickens. Chickens are rich in protein which can help strengthen our muscles so that we can work well in our day to day activities.

However, in the video depicted, you can witness that not all chickens are real. Some are just made with plastics. “How is that even possible?” I’m pretty sure this line flashes on your subconscious. But, little did you know that it is really happening.  From the video footage, a chicken imported from India has been surfacing in social media. The chickens were composed of plastic parts and were being sold in market places to be sold and imported to various countries most especially in Asia.

Upon viewing the video, you can witness a man who carefully checking out the insides of the chicken and he felt a “rubberish” feeling. In his conclusion, it was not a real chicken. They discovered that the insides of the chicken looked and seemed real, the bones seemed real but there were injected chemical to make it look fresh and appealing to customers.

As they say “Looks can be deceiving”. From this quote we can learn that we must check first before we go on to something if it’s legitimate or not. To all the people who loves to eat, please be careful. The government must to disciplinary actions and legal concerns to this for this trend to be stopped.

Source: elitetrendsdailymail.co.uk

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