This Lady Apply Henna Tattoo For Traditions, the Side Effect is Painful

Tattoos are part of our culture and nowadays it’s a status symbol for some. Back in early times it was being used as a sign of bravery. In other words, the more tattoos you have the braver and stronger you are.

With the influx of technology, we can have tattoos that are not permanent. Which means its temporary. It is commonly called as HENNA tattoo. Henna has been used since ancient times for traditions.

In contrary, little did you know that it has side effects that would cause danger to the largest part of your body which is the skin. One woman during her wedding day suffered a severe infection because of it. She didn’t expect the secret side effects of the Henna that she used. It is a China Brand Henna called “PARTY MEHNDI RED CONE”. With utmost frustration her doctor advised her to cut off her hand and legs because these parts were seriously affected with some diseases.

In case you didn’t know its side effects, here are some of it:
Rough Hair
Contact Dermatitis
Red Eyes
Bursting of RBCs (Red Blood Cells)
Stomach Upset

We must be careful on applying henna tattoos and if you experienced symptoms go immediately and consult to dermatologists. Let’s all prevent this before it’s too late as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”.

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