This is What Happens When You Put sliced Onions in Your Socks While You Sleep

Onions are one of the spices that can make your dishes savory.  If you look closely to it, it’s like you’re watching a sentimental movie that would make you easily shed your tears. Aside from being used as spices, it also uses as medicine.

It’s sounds impossible. Believe it or not, it can really do help in healing in many diseases such as cold and fever because of its anti bacterial properties.

The Chinese have discovered the thousands of nerve endings on the bottom of our feet that serves as access point to our organs and our nervous system and how it can give contribution to natural treatments.

Placing sliced onion on people’s feet had been used as medicine way back the Chinese’ ancient times. It enters the body and purifies blood making us healthier and stronger to fight off infections.

This substitute  have been verified and proven effective by many claims. What’s the best thing, it has no negative side effect.

What’s the procedure?

Get a red or white Onion and slice. We recommend to use the organic onions because it is chemical and pesticide free.
Put the onions on your feet by sealing it with socks before going to sleep. AS you sleep, the onion's healing powers purify  and enter your blood, kill germs and bacteria and absorb toxins and funnily enough, keep your feet free of odor.

For further information and clarification, watch the video below.

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