This Ingredient Stops Heart Attack In A Minute

We all know that heart attack is the most common cause of death, it feels like an elephant sitting across the chest. In fact, million of people have this illness and half of them die. Some of symptoms of heart attack are:
  • Pain or pressure in chest
  • shortness of breath, 
  • sweating, lightheadedness, dizzines, vomiting, and Nausea
If you feel this symptoms you must have a one ingredient that will save your life and that is the Cayenne Pepper. Many of us have used this powerful ingredient to add spice to our meals, but we didn't know that this have plenty of health benefits. One of that benefits is to stop a heart attack in a minute.

Famous healers, Dr. John Christopher, recommended this spice to his patients. According to him, none of his patients died over a heart attack. Cayenne Pepper is a very powerful stimulant, it helps the blood circulation faster which allows other parts of the body including brain to get oxygen. It also increases the heart rate as pulse strengthens. 

Prepare A Cayenne Pepper Tea for Heart Attack Patient

During a heart attack, put a 1 tablespoon of Cayenne in a 1 glass of warm water. Give it to the person to drink.

In case that the patient is unconcious, a cayenne extract is good for them. Simply put a few drops under their tongue and let the effects take place.

Source: edrugsearch

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