Don't Buy This Kind Of Sandals! Here's Why!

Do you have sandals like that? If yes, it’s time to throw them away now! Researchers from Germany conducted an experiment and found out that clogs which were made from plastic materials contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds which can be the reason of having a serious disease like cancer.

The specialist started an experiment of ten pairs of clogs made of plastic with the best brand on the market.

Surprisingly, the results were shocking! The seals contained sixty percent of carcinogenic compounds also known as aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. These chemicals cause cell variation if the body absorbs them. Hence, they are extremely dangerous in our body especially if we inhale it. Black clogs have the highest number of this special type of carcinogen according to research.

Approximately 70% of the plastic clogs were tested and was found to be carrying solutions and dense metals. We must really avoid clog materials to avoid the destruction of your healthy cells which pass through the immune system.

To avoid these certain type of problems, you must wear socks so that the toxic compounds cannot freely enter the body through the skin.  But if you really like this kind of sandal, buy LEGITIMATE CROCS PRODUCTS as it provides safety for your health.

We must ensure our health. As the saying goes “health is wealth”. Do not choose fake products that might risk your life. Always remember the formula in economics, Quality over quantity.

source: Pinoyhealthtips

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