BEWARE: Fake Eggs Made Of Plastic Being Sold In Market

Before you continue reading this article, look at the things around you. Try to check if there are non-biodegradable products around your house . If you don’t know what non-biodegradable products were composed of, they were made of plastic. It can be in a form of shoes, bags, accessories and many other things that are very useful to human to make their lives convenient.

These days, plastic products are often termed as fake products. Fake products are common nowadays. We must be vigilant, proactive and be careful to the things that surrounds us if it is real or not. Surprisingly, the current trend on fake products are foods. It can really harm your health as they are in health hazards. For example, these fake eggs which were sold in Kolkata, India. A lady was surprised to find out that the eggs she bought in the marketplace were actually made from plastics.

From further investigation, the said fake eggs were imported from China. In a  report by Indian Today, a woman was discovered that the eggs were fake when she tried to cook an omelet.

According to her statement, when she cracked the egg, it seemed to be normal. However, when she scrambled the eggs, she noticed that it was immiscible.

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Posted by Bhong David on Monday, April 10, 2017

source: elitetrends

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