Benefits Of Crying: Don't Afraid to Cry

In our day to day lives, we encountered different things that would lead us to different emotions. As a human being, it is normal to experience sadness where tears shed into your eyes where hatred and anxious kept running into your subconscious. Crying is part of life. As a matter of fact, when you were born the first thing you did was to cry. Crying in baby’s stage is the way to expand its lungs. Moving forward, do you still  remember when was the last time you cry?

Most of us cried when our loved ones passed away, lost something or we just broke up with our partner. The four-corned walls where our bestfriend, tissue papers scattered on the floor, wet blankets here and everywhere.

You are not human when you don’t experience this stage. You probably don’t have feelings when you can’t cry. A human being must be vulnerable to pain and respond to this stimulus.

With this statement, allowing tears to come out is actually beneficial for us. It gives us the discipline to be brave and to have an ability to be strong, healthy or successful again after deep sadness.

Here are some hope and empowerment after having a long session of crying:

1. You should be able to manage and handle stress:

Stress is defined when a reaction of the mind and body to a stimulus that disturbs the well-being, state of calm, or equilibrium of a person. Therefore, stress is also part of life and we must be able to deal with it. We must convert good stress into healthy stress by having a worthwhile hobby like watching movie with your friends. Also we must seek spiritual growth through prayer and meditation.
Always believe in yourself that you are strong and courageous, that you are capable of overcoming the challenges that you are facing, and that any stressful situation will bring out the best in you and will make you stronger.

2. Crying it out is a sign that you are not afraid of your feelings.

When you cry, you are able to express everything you feel. Most of us think that crying is for the weak people. Definitely you are wrong! It’s not. Crying is a method where you release emotions you have. It is not only for sad people but it is also for happy people. That’s why there is “tears of joy” where you cry because you are happy. This feeling is  a sign of courage where it is a result from the emotions that we experienced.

 3. Crying only means that you are strong enough for you to don’t have any care about other’s think

It can’t be denied that most of the time we cry because we are so depress and lonely. When we are outside with our friends, it’s like we wore masks where our real emotions were hidden. We seemed to be happy with them but deep inside we are in deep pain.
However, if you cry and share these problems to them, you are considered as a strong person for which you can control emotions. It is very unhealthy if you are hiding your pain and just holding back your tears.

4. Crying makes you a better individual.

Bad news are sometimes the cause why you cry. But come to think of it, these were only challenges as part of life. It serves as a foundation for you be become a better individual and to be a better version of yourself. Through this dilemma, you can learn many lessons that would improve you and be stronger and braver.

With these words of encouragements, you will not feel awkward anymore. Just cry even though you’re not a baby anymore. It’s part of life.

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