WARNING TO PARENTS: A New Deadly Drug that looks like a Gummy Candy. Parents should caution their children about this.

There’s a new deadly drug called strawberry meth which became quite popular today. Parents should know how to recognize this drug so that their sons or daughters will not consume it by mistake.

Strawberry meth is a subspecies of methamphetamine, which is identified to be used by many people in the West.

Considering its name, it has a strawberry scent and looks a lot like a jelly candy or a gummy candy. This drug also has different flavors such as chocolate and the like.

Nevertheless, regardless of its scent and attractiveness, it is a crystal meth which can cause death. That is probably one of the ugliest and briefest ways to death. 

Gem meth (Crystal Meth) is a manufactured drug that is becoming too popular in Europe and USA. People who use it or let’s say addicted to it are increasing in number.

A small precious stone which is pulverized to become powder is otherwise called “Ice”, may be taken by sniffing, smoking, orally and even intravenously – a syringe.

The generation procedure is exceptionally straightforward, and when you take, it will, without a doubt, enacts certain cerebrum cells. Those individuals who consume it will 
create solid mental and physical reliance.

Drug clients feel weak physically upon consuming the drug, get disturbing rankles and dermatitis throughout the body, and loads of them are determined to have HIV.

A pack costs around 70 euros and it is produced in home labs. It can be taken as an mixture or as a pill that can be sniffed as a powder.

This engineered medication is becoming exceptionally famous in the USA and the EU nations. The number of consumers and clients of this medication increases each year, and the powers have been weak to stop the entrance of insidiousness, especially among youngsters.
source: healthjournalph

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