Corn Silk’s miraculous Health Benefits: Controls Blood Sugar, Assists in Blood Clotting, Prevents Kidney Stones, and many more!

Ever notice the hair-like structure found in corns? Did you consider it as something beneficial or you just see it as a skin-like covering the corn that need to be thrown away for it is not edible? Double check people, as it can blow your mind for its Health benefits. After reading this article, you will consider it and think whether to throw it away or not.

You may have noticed the strands found under the green color outer covering the corn: that’s what we call the Corn Silk. As youngsters, you may have been fascinated about it as they look similar to that of a dolls’ hair. A lot of people just dump it away because they thought it’s nothing but a hair-like something, covering the corn, when in fact, they just don’t know that it has so many benefits and it can be used in some ways.

Below are some of the fascinating information about the benefits of corn silk:

Prevents Kidney Stones

Did you know that Corn Silk has been used to prevent kidney stone since ancient times? Yes! You read it right. Accumulation of small crystals in the kidney is what causes kidney stones. It helps in the proper flow of urine that prevents building up of crystals in the kidney.

Nevertheless, it does not remove the stone which is already in the kidney.

Assists in blood clotting
Consisting of vitamin K that helps in blood clotting, Vitamin K helps ensure that you don’t lose excessive blood from your body from when you get hurt or cut hence, helping it clot are prevent too much blood loss.

Controls blood sugar

In has been proven that corn silk plays a great role as an agent which controls the blood sugar levels, this is of course according to many recent studies about corn silk. Insulin levels are increased and it can aid in the repairing of damaged cells in the pancreas, wherein insulin is produced.

Control cholesterol

It also controls the cholesterol in our body. Heart diseases come from having high cholesterol in our body so it is beneficial to those who have it. Moreover, consumption of outer silk of corn can help in keeping you away from the heart-related ailments.

Diuretic properties

Corn Silk has diuretic properties which helps flush out excessive fluids and toxins from our body resulting in the prevention of the risk of cardiovascular disease and urinary tract infection (UTI).

How to Consume Corn Silk?

You cannot directly eat and consume the corn silk as it is. In order to benefit ourselves from corn silk, we must:

  1. Boil water and add corn silk to it, serve hot or cold. Lemon juice can be added to enhance the taste.
  2. Put corn silk in a jar full of water and keep the jar under sun direct sunlight for a day. In evening add some honey to that water and drink.

Use only organically grown corns, not the ones sprayed with pesticide.

NOTE: It is not advised to consume corn silk in excess. Consult your doctor before using corn silk if you are pregnant as it might lead to miscarriage.


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